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We recommend Eva Joyce Bridal

There is no such thing as a ‘typical wedding’. Every wedding is as unique as the bride and groom getting married. And this is why Eva Joyce Bridal are special. We understand this when we talk with any happy couple and always let them…

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Top Ten Bridal Bouquets

What are the top ten bridal bouquets? There are many types of bridal bouquets, and the choice ultimately comes down to the bride’s personal style and preferences. However, here are ten popular types of bridal bouquets: Round Bouquet: A classic and timeless bouquet, this…

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Best Flowers for a Bridal Bouquet

What are the ten most favourite flowers for a bridal bouquet? Choosing the perfect flowers for a bridal bouquet can be a personal and meaningful decision for the bride. Here are ten of the most popular flowers for bridal bouquets: Roses – Classic and…

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Holdsworth House

Halifax Wedding Venues

There are lots of Halifax Wedding Venues we list our favourites below. Holdsworth House is a premier wedding venue in Halifax. Family owned for sixty years, it is an historic Jacobean manor and is a much-loved, four-star hotel and wedding venue. You’ll find it amid stunning,…

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