Elland Florist Halifax

Florist near Park Wood Crematorium

Earththings is an award winning florist near Park Wood Crematorium. We can supply posies, wreaths and bouquets for funeral tributes to loved ones having ceremonies at Park Wood. Our talented florists create the most beautiful attangements. Frequently we produce unique floral tributes. Anything from…

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Why use flowers at a funeral

Why do people use flowers at a funeral? Flowers have been used in funeral ceremonies for centuries, and they continue to be a common practice today. There are several reasons why people use flowers at funerals: Expressing sympathy and condolences: Flowers are a way…

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Funeral Florist Near Me?

Funeral Florist Near Me? We are in Elland, Halifax, West Yorkshire so if you live in any of the areas below we can create a fitting tribute to your loved one. Our shop is at Huddersfield Road in Elland, Halifax. Take a look at…

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