Beautiful White Wedding Flowers

White lily bridal bouquet
White Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Help to choose your Beautiful white wedding flowers

Although we love the colourful, vibrant bouquets that we see more often nowadays, there is nothing quite like the elegance of a white arrangement.

White wedding flowers embody purity, innocence and romance. They ooze style and sophistication and they are extremely practical.


Because more and more we see bridesmaids in different colour dresses making it extremely hard to get the same bouquet of flowers to compliment each dress, but not with white, choose a white wedding bouquet and no matter what colour anyone is wearing your flowers will pair beautifully.

Bride & Bridesmaids White bouquets

Choosing white as your wedding flowers means you will have a huge amount of flowers to choose from as you can get most flowers in white so you will definitely find something you love.

Most flowers you can think of come in white, for example

White Wedding Roses


White Roses symbolise Purity, Innocence & Eternity, perfect for any wedding. Roses are one of the most popular choice for wedding flowers. They also symbolise eternal love and grace the day with their beauty.

White lily bridal bouquet


White Lilies symoblise Purity, Commitment and Rebirth. Rebirth meaning the start of something, the start of a new life together. They are used in classic designs and epitomise style and elegance. Being a flower readily available they are available all year for bouquets and if the larger flowers are selected again can be good value.

A popular choice.

White Orchid Wedding Bouquet


White orchids symbolise Faith, Humility, Safety, Elegance, Innocence & Beauty. What more could you want your wedding flowers to say? It is very fitting for them to symbolise elegance because they are one of the most elegant flowers there are. They will bring a touch of class to any event.

Orchids come at a cost. While they provide a sophisticated bride with the perfect flower, they are expensive. They are available all year round.

White Peony Wedding Flowers


White peonies symbolise Bashfulness, which is surprising for such a stunning flower that makes such a statement and literally becomes the talking point of any arrangement.

Wedding bouquets with beautiful peonies really are a stunning option.

White carnation wedding flowers


White Carnations symbolise Purity, Faithfulness and Beauty.

Although one of the cheaper options for wedding flowers so sometimes overlooked they can certainly create a stunning bouquet for any bride and her bridesmaids

White tulip wedding bouquet


White Tulips symbolise Respect.

Although only available during the winter and spring months, Tulips are simple and stylish and should not be overlooked when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. A simple yet refined bouquet containing only tulips with a small accent of greenery is a beautiful choice.

White Hydrangea wedding bouquet


White Hydrangeas symbolise Purity, Grace & Abundance.

Their full bloom means you don’t require as many to create a stunning bouquet or arrangement.

Halifax wedding Flowers

Calla Lily

White Calla Lilies symbolise Purity, Faithfulness, Holiness & Innocence. Another perfect choice for wedding flowers, a timeless classic that brings elegance to any event.

They can be expensive but we would suggest are worth it for the stunning bouquets they create.

White Freesia Wedding Flowers


White Freesia symbolise Innocence & Purity. Beautiful delicate flowers that are beautiful on their own or the perfect compliment to many other wedding flowers.

For help in selecting your perfect wedding flowers, contact our professional florists.