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What are Funeral flower letter prices in the UK

Funeral flowers are something that at some point in our lives we all have to go through choosing. It is always hard to choose a fitting tribute for a loved one.

People seem to find it harder to choose funeral flowers than any other flowers they buy, including their wedding flowers, why? Because it is the last thing you can do for your loved one and you want to make sure it is right.

Although there is no right or wrong, you still want it to be perfect. That is where we come in, we will do everything we can to make this as easy as we can for you and we will create your perfect arrangement for your loved one.

Butterfly Funeral Tribute

There are many different tributes and arrangements you can choose from, no longer are there just the traditional crosses and wreaths, you can literally have anything, from a pint of beer to a butterfly, a stiletto shoe and even a handbag.

You really can have anything that represents your loved one, something they loved or something that has a personal meaning to you both.

Dumbo Funeral Tribute

Unfortunately tributes like this can be expensive, they use a lot of flowers and take a lot of time to create, but when they are done they are simply stunning and a nice break from the traditional funeral tributes that you may feel you don’t want for your loved one.

Mum funeral tribute

Many people like to have the letters to spell out a persons name, a nickname or who they are to you like mum, dad, wife, grandad, sister, friend or simply a single letter.

You can spell out anything you like.

Funeral tribute numbers

There are also the numbers that you can have that may represent something about your loved one or a number that is significant to you both.

They can be in the classic style of white with a spray of flowers on some of the letters in your choice of colours or they can be done in mixed flowers in your choice of colours.

Mixed Flower letter funeral tribute
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Many also like to have a tribute arrangement on top of the coffin, this can be as small or as large as you wish.

If you decide you would like a full length tribute we can do that for you or you may decide you don’t want one that covers it all.

You may choose one larger arrangement to have as the only one on the coffin or you may choose to have a few smaller tributes.

Posy Funeral flowers

We can do whatever size you choose to have. The choice really is yours.

All the tributes can be left at the graveside of your loved one, at their memorial or they can be taken away to a place where you choose to remember them.

When it comes to cost we can work with you and your budget to get what you want but the more specialised tributes and letters are determined by the price of the flowers. What we mean by this is, a display for the top of the coffin can be tailored to your budget by changing the size and tailoring the flowers used within the display to match your budget, however the letters, rugby balls, butterflies etc. are the size they are and they require certain flowers to have the shape and effect you want.

In memoriam tribute

However not all funeral flowers have to be elaborate or hugely expensive, we can do funeral flowers from as little as £20 if you wish to just have flowers in cellophane or we can also do larger amounts of flowers in cellophane if you prefer those to an arrangement.

If you prefer an arrangement in Oasis we can do these from £30, this would be a mix of lovely flowers chosen by our florists in the colours of your choice.

To discuss prices in more detail or your requirements, contact us by phone on 01422 377504 or by our web form via the button below.