New Display Table

Custom built Flower display table

Our new bespoke table was finished today. Well, all except for a resin coat that will go on top of it. The table is custom built to fit in the middle of the shop and will be used to display items we have for sale and made up bouquets ready to go. It is also going to be used when we hold classes to teach everything from making a bouquet to wreath making.

In the centre we have a hole. For Christmas a lit tree will be inserted in that space. For other times of the year we will have a cherry blossom tree in the gap.

We have built the table so that gap can be filled for when we are holding classes.

We will announce on Social Media when the classes are starting, so stay tuned.

Counter being built out of Scaffold Boards

The table is made of mild steel and reclaimed scaffold boards. We have used the scaffold boards throughout the shop, on our counter, on the custom built flower display stand and on our wrap around shelving.

The basement is now dry lined with a new DPM and concrete floor installed. Under the concrete is a channel system that directs any water to a sump, where we pump it out to the drain system outside. So fingers crossed our basement will be dry for the first time since the building was built. We are using it as a prep area, a staff kitchen and toilet and small office. We are also building a photo booth to help us take better images of the beautiful floral displays our florists create.

Tomorrow, the new front door is set to be fitted. We are busy installing CCTV and a new alarm system. The shop is due to open the week commencing the 5th December.

See you when we open!

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