Best time to order Wedding Flowers

When is the best time to order wedding flowers?

Organising a wedding is a very detailed project. Lining up not only what you want but when you want it when dealing with external providers can be very difficult. Suppliers and contractors have commitments they already have to meet, so getting in early to beat the rush of competing brides can be essential. This has only been compounded by the Covid closure of the industry.

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Each florist only has so much capacity to meet demand; especially in the summer wedding season. So it really is best to time your order as early as you can to ensure you secure the florists commitment to your day. As most florists are small enterprises, if they take more than three ‘small’ wedding orders for a single day, or one large wedding order – that is it for that day – they can’t take any more orders.

Here at Earththings we advise to order your flowers a good six to twelve months before the big day. We would suggest you order as soon as you have the venue booked and you know your colour scheme. This way you will be guaranteed the slot and the dedicated time of the florists we have to build your dream bouquet and associated wedding flowers.

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We usually take a small deposit to secure the date for you. We are currently taking bookings for 2023 and 2024.

Our calendar is already filling so it really is important you order early.

Next month we start our wedding show attendance and usually very quickly after that we start to get fully booked for the summer months.

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