New Products

Here’s just a little taster of what new products we will be stocking in the florist when the new shop opens.

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Quilled Lion Art
Quilled Lion Art

First up, we have an absolutely stunning work of art. This type of art is called ‘Quilling’ it involves small multi coloured strips of card being fashioned into an image in painstaking design and then execution of the piece. Each piece is unique. We have bought both pictures and on a smaller scale, gift cards that clearly display the effort that goes into creating these unique works of art.

This one is my personal favourite.

We know it’s not everyday a customer will buy such a stunning piece of art and so we’re stocking smaller pieces that can be delivered gift wrapped along with a lovely bouquet. Not a bad way to surprise the recipient and show just how much our customers care for their friends and family. It’s the thought that goes into a gift that makes it extra special.

Recycled seaglass pictures

Next up we are excited to be selling Handcrafted ‘SeaGlass’ images drawn together by the artist into modern day quotes and sayings. These smaller gifts are again uniquely created and when chosen with a phrase that is personal to you or the recipient make an excellent gift. The amazing thing with these pictures, is the glass used is all recovered from beaches along the English South Coast and along with drift wood, used to make the pictures.

A very creative lady supplies these to us, each one being uniquely created by her, you’ll be the happy owner of an original piece of art.

We’re also selling Artisan hand-made Belgian chocolates from North Yorkshire. We’re super happy to be selling on behalf of this manufacturer because they help adults with Autism into the workplace. A fantastic project that we’re very happy to promote and support here at EarthThings. These can be bought in various size boxes and what better way to surprise the person you’re buying for than to send not only a beautiful bouquet but also a box of chocs that aren’t mass produced and support adults with autism right here in God’s green land! Yorkshire of course.

Hand made cards
Hand made cards

Finally, we’re supporting individual start up businesses across the UK, busy making candles with their own unique scents, and hand made cards that are a clear step up in terms of the thought and care taken when selecting a gift card to go with the flowers we so lovingly prepare just for you.

Our range will continue to grow over the next twelve months as we aim to not only be your florist of choice, but also the unique gift and surprise shop that stocks unique and intriguing gifts and art work.

Stay tuned as we add more products for you to buy!