The New Shop’s Progress

Small slat wall

Our new shop will be opening in the last week of November. To find the new shop, check out the route between it and the ‘old’ shop on our contact page.

We’re super excited about it as the current shop – home to EarthThings Florist for the last 29 years – is really feeling it’s age.

We’re busy ordering lots of new product lines to really ‘Zhuzh’ up our customer offer. We’re focusing on hand-made and artisan products that our lovely customers can send as a gift along with their bouquet.

See our new products here…

Thumb injury

The shop, currently being renovated by Andy, our lovely owner’s husband (ably helped by friends and professionals alike) is working so so hard to get the shop open for Christmas that he accidentally hit his thumb with a hammer! Ouch. He’s trying so hard to get the shop open and his thumb is living proof.

The shop is coming along from where it was at. It was a two bedroom house when we bought it but has a history of being used as an office for the old Crossley company, well known in Halifax. It still has some original features including a petrol gauge in the basement that was used to monitor the company’s petrol station. In the image, taken by the Estate Agent before we bought it, the shop is clearly shown as a house.

New shop
The new shop next to Rapid Hire and over the road from Aldi

We have retained some of the character of the shop and it’s contents with Andy given the headache of trying to re-purpose the work surface of an old work bench in the basement. Looking forward to seeing what he does with that!

We are preparing a time-lapse video filming the renovation and alterations. This will go live when we open the shop, on our facebook page, why not visit and follow/like us?

Victorian Coal Hole, Elland Halifax
Victorian Coal Hole

In the meantime, you can see the extent of the work needed in the basement. The image shows the old ‘Coal Hole’ where the hatch at the end was used to receive coal poured down from street level and used to heat the buildings six fireplaces. Quite something for a Victorian building. You can see the damp in the walls, these are being lined with a specialist plastic to prevent the damp from entering the new room. In addition a new DPM will prevent damp from coming through the floor. A new channel system will funnel any rise in the ground water level to a sump and then be pumped up and out into the drains at ground floor level. The basement is then fed fresh air by extracting stale air via four extractor fans that constantly dry the atmosphere. In the basement we are putting an office, a small canteen for the staff, a flower preparation area, small store and a new photo booth to image the stunning displays the florists create.

Stay tuned to find out what we’re doing with the first floor of the building. This won’t happen until Spring next year but it is super exciting.