Do Bridesmaids have to have a Bouquet of Flowers?

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Find out if bridesmaids have to have a bouquet of flowers or is there something different?

Beautiful Bridesmaid Bouquets

The short answer is no, your bridesmaids do not need to have a traditional bouquet of flowers.

Although it is lovely to have your Bridesmaids holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers that compliments their dress and ties in beautifully with your bouquet, it can be very costly depending on the number of bridesmaids you have and the flowers you choose.


Today there are many other alternatives to the traditional bridesmaid bouquet so we have listed some for you to have a think about.


Beautiful Floral Bridesmaids Fans

Fans are a dainty and pretty alternative to a bridesmaid’s bouquet yet they can still have flowers added to match with the bridal bouquet as well as the bridesmaids dresses. Fans are great for summer weddings to help keep your bridesmaids cool before, during and after the ceremony.

They are also fairly inexpensive in comparison to the bridesmaid bouquet.

Arm Garland

Beautiful Bridesmaid Arm Garland

Arm Garlands are a lovely touch for any Bridesmaid. The arm garland uses less flowers than a traditional bouquet making them an affordable yet different option. They are a great option for a country / rustic style wedding.

These can be made using some of the same flowers from your bridal bouquet and making your bridesmaids match you perfectly while keeping their hands free to help you.


Beautiful Bridesmaid Feather Bouquet

If you are going for the more modern look with your bridesmaid dresses then having your bridesmaid carry a feather, or a bouquet with feather accents will match your contemporary look beautifully.

You could even opt for a simple bouquet of just feathers if you feel that having just one or two does not quite give you the look you are going for. This can be tied and finished with ribbon to match the dress colour of your bridesmaids.


Bridesmaid Parasol

Parasols are a lovely touch for a summer wedding, they are practical as well as pretty as they will shade your bridesmaid from the sun, especially for an outdoor wedding.

Also to finish them off nicely you can add a nice corsage of flowers to match your bridal bouquet and some ribbon down the handle to match your colour scheme.

Clutch Bag

Beautiful Bridesmaid Clutch Bag Corsage

A very practical yet chic alternative to a bridesmaid bouquet, not only will it pair perfectly with your bridesmaid dresses and shoes but it is great for all your bridesmaids essentials that ordinarily she would have nowhere to put, like her lip gloss to keep her looking fresh and beautiful for your photos.

We can also add a gorgeous corsage to your bridesmaids clutch bag, so you will still have some flowers to compliment yours beautifully without the expense of a larger bouquet.


Beautiful Bridesmaid Flower Wreath

This is a beautiful yet different take on the traditional bridesmaid bouquet. It is nice to arrange your bridesmaid flowers in different shapes, the wreaths are delicate and pretty while still giving you your bridesmaid flowers, just in a different way.

These can be done using fresh or silk flowers which can make them a beautiful keepsake for your bridesmaids.


Pretty Bridesmaid Wands

These are great for any age bridesmaids but are particularly good for the little ones.

The wands can have some small flowers round the top of the wand or just one flower. The ribbon can either made into a bow at the top below any flower if you have them and then left with flowing tails or it can be wrapped down the handle and then left flowing or wrapped tightly all the way down, or just ribbon the choice is yours.

The flowers you have on the wand can compliment yours beautifully and the ribbon used will match your colour scheme and bridesmaid dresses.

Flower Crowns

Flower Crown bridesmaid Hair

Flower crowns are a nice alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet if you are have a more casual or boho style wedding.

Beautiful Bridesmaid Flower Crown

They are great as a full or half circle crown and they can be as big or small as you want them to be meaning your smaller bridesmaids can have the same as your adult bridesmaids.

Flower crowns can be done using fresh, silk or dried flowers adding to the style you are looking for.

Dream Catchers

Beautiful Bridesmaid Dream Catchers

They are a traditional element in some cultures but they are not your traditional bridesmaid bouquet as we know them so if you want a touch a whimsy adding to your wedding then look no further.

They can be carried on their own or a flower corsage can be added to them just adding to the look and bringing in your colour scheme.

They would compliment a new age themed wedding beautifully.


Beautiful Bridesmaid Lanterns with greenery

Lanterns certainly offer a different and unique alternative to the traditional bridesmaid bouquet. Your bridesmaids could carry a lit lantern, lit using candles or battery lights, making for a lovely romantic setting in a dimly lit room. Alternatively they could carry a lantern with a small arrangement of flowers inside it with the flowers and greenery slightly coming out of the lantern.

Beautiful Bridesmaid Lanterns with flowers

If you wanted the lanterns lit but also wanted to incorporate a few flowers then it could be that you have a battery light inside and some flowers round the top of the lantern or greenery round the bottom and cascading down or simply round the whole lantern itself.

These will also be able to double up as table decorations after the ceremony


Balloons can offer a fun and playful element to your wedding, as well as making for different and beautiful photographs. You will also be able to match your colour scheme quite easily with balloons being available in practically every colour.

Bridesmaid Balloons with greenery

You could also ‘flower up’ your balloons up with some petals inside and then the string from the balloon that your bridesmaids are holding could always be greenery, fresh or artificial.

However they may be better suited to an outdoor wedding rather than an indoor one where they may be quite impractical and more difficult to deal with.

Palm Leaves

Beautiful bridesmaid Palm Leaf bouquet

Palm leaves or any other larger leaves and greenery can offer a simple alternative to the traditional bridesmaid bouquet.

Tropical Leaf bridesmaid bouquet

They can be carried alone, in a bunch / tied form or you can add a focal flower to them, all ways are simple yet effective.

These are a great idea for a beach, tropical or destination wedding but also a wedding with those themes, you don’t have to actually be on a beach to have a beach theme.

Wrist Corsage

Beautiful bridesmaid wrist Corsage

Last, but by certainly no means least, wrist corsages. They are delicate and beautiful and very effective. They are less expensive than a traditional bridesmaid bouquet but still give your bridesmaids flowers that compliment beautifully your bridal bouquet.

They give your bridesmaids the freedom of both hands while always having their flowers unlike traditional bridesmaid bouquets that mean your bridesmaids have to do everything one handed in order to still have hold of their flowers, or their flowers get put down and left while they do other tasks.

Beautiful bridesmaid wrist Corsage

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