Our Tribute to HM the Queen

Her Majesty the Queen tribute

Calderdale Council commissioned EarthThings Florist to produce a floral tribute to our beloved Queen Elizabeth.

Her Majesty the Queen tribute
We were commissioned by Calderdale Council to produce a floral tribute to HM the Queen

We were honoured to produce a Posy that accompanied the book of condolence in the Town Hall. Our skilled florist, April Thorley, undertook the task to come up with a floral tribute that would take pride of place in the Town Hall and be a lovely reminder to people who came to sign the book how much our Queen meant to us all.

Floral tributes are a staple for any experienced florist but this one had really special meaning to us all at EarthThings because the Queen represented us all through some really tough times and served with dignity always reminding us all of our collective duty to support each other and the country.

Lisa, EarthThings owner, was in the Police for 20 years serving in West Yorkshire and the Cayman Islands and received the Queen’s Jubilee medal bestowed on the Police by Her Majesty. Her husband, Andy, served in the Royal Navy and Police and also received the Queen’s jubilee medal along with Long service and NATO Afghanistan medals. He also met the Queen when representing the Royal Navy at the Royal Tournament in London. So EarthThings and our staff were really humbled to produce a small but meaningful tribute to Her Majesty.

God rest her soul.