How to Choose the best wedding venue flowers

Beautiful wedding venue arrangement

Find out how to choose the best wedding venue flowers

Beautiful wedding venue arrangement

Choosing your venue flowers can be stressful, its a big decision and can be very expensive so it is important that you choose carefully.

Venue flowers can be as simple or extravagant as you want them to be, from gypsophila on it’s own to elaborate table decorations and arches. There is no right or wrong choice just simply what you want.

A good way to get some ideas is to visit your venue when there is another wedding on, it will give you ideas of what it will look like decorated and you will see the sort of things you like and what you don’t.

Aisle Decorations

Gypsophila wedding venue Pew Ends

The type of venue you choose will depict what type of decorations you might have as you walk down the aisle or at the front where the ceremony will take place.

You may opt for fresh flowers on the ends of your chairs lining the aisle, these can be single flowers with greenery or gypsophila or just gypsophila on its own or they can be mini replicas of your or your bridesmaids bouquets.

They really can be whatever you want them to be.

Ceremony Decorations

Wedding arch Venue Flowers

At the front where the ceremony takes place you may want to have an arch with flowers all over it or simply arranged in the corners.

You may want a beautiful front facing arrangement or maybe a large table arrangement that can also double up as your top table arrangement at your reception. All these choices depend on your venue, the space you have and the look you are going for.

Whatever you choose we can do for you.

Table Decorations

Wedding venue Table-arrangements-wedding

You need to think about what types of tables you will have at your venue, this will help you decide on they style of table arrangement you want.

If you have long tables you may want to go for a long and low arrangement to go along the edge of the whole table or set of tables.

This is nice if you want to arrange your tables together so everyone is facing each other as there is no ‘centre’ of the table as such.

Wedding Venue flowers table arrangements

It may be that you decide to have round tables and would like a large but tall arrangement in the centre so your guests can see each other and the arrangements can be seen from across the room.

Wedding Venue Table arrangement

Or you may opt for a more delicate simpler arrangement in the centre of your table in a vase or as a small posy type arrangement.

Wedding venue table centre-piece
Single flower wedding table arrangement

These are a nice centrepiece without taking over your whole table. The flowers within your table arrangement can compliment your bridal bouquet whilst also matching your chosen colour scheme.

For help choosing your perfect venue flowers contact us and let us help you create your dream day