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Gonk in the Forest

OH NO! George the Gonk is lost somewhere around Calderdale or Kirklees, and he needs our help!

The police say he’s not used to our cold and wet weather because he comes from Scandinavia. If you see him, please tell EarthThings Florist in Elland. They really want to find him.

Gonks are like magical creatures from Nordic and Scandinavian stories, a bit like gnomes and hobgoblins. George has travelled a long way on foot, and now he must be feeling so cold and wet. His family is so worried about him, and they’re staying at EarthThings Florist in Elland.

Let’s help them find George!

In the old stories, these little gonks loved cozy barns and houses during cold times. If families were nice to them, they would bring good luck. But if not, they might play tricks! It’s like a lesson about being kind and welcoming to others. The Scandinavians are really good at making their homes warm and friendly, so it’s no surprise this idea is in their ancient stories.

George is about 12 inches tall, wearing checkered grey pants and a pointy grey hat. He has a big nose and a big white beard. He’s super friendly and wants to be part of a family’s Christmas. George is trying to get to EarthThings because he knows it is full of other magical creatures like hobgoblins, elves, and reindeer and they all love munching on EarthThings’ Chocolate Bouquets.

Chocolate Bouquet Halifax delivery

If you see George or want to know how he’s doing, check EarthThings Florist on Facebook they’ll post updates every day until he is found.

If you find George, you can keep him as long as your home is good for a cold and scared Gonk. And guess what? EarthThings will give you a Chocolate Bouquet as a thank you!

Don’t forget to visit EarthThings shop on Huddersfield Road in Elland. It’s like a winter wonderland with amazing Christmas gifts.

Let’s all help George have a warm and loving Christmas with a new family!

Please share with everyone you can so we can find George before Christmas!!


Find George – Day 2

George has been seen!!! We don’t know where this is so please help us!!

Sighting of George - Day 2

We know George will be scared and also very cold. George was taught from a very young age not to talk to strangers and he always abides by this so he will be reluctant to ask you for help or speak with anyone he sees.

His mum and dad taught him all about “Stranger Danger”, the only strangers he knows it is OK to talk to are Police Officers, Firemen (or women), Paramedics and Nurses. He knows them because they wear nice uniforms that he recognises and he knows they help people because they are Heroes!

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Find George – Day 3

Another sighting of George!

Find George Day 3

There will be many strange things George is seeing for the very first time, he has not been to England before and although he can speak a little bit of English his reading isn’t great, so like many who come to this country from somewhere else he might find it hard to read some of the signs that might help him find his way.

So if you do see George looking a little confused, be kind to him but remember you are a stranger to him so he might not talk to you or understand you.


Find George – Day 4

Here he is again, another day another sighting! Where is he now?

Find George day 4

With it being so wet and snowy George might be hiding in your garden sheds or dog houses so when you are playing out make sure you have a good look round because he will be really cold and hungry by now.

He is normally always munching away on something he shouldn’t be, he has a very sweet tooth, even though his dentist back home has told him he has to eat less sweets and chocolate he is a bit naughty and doesn’t listen. His dentist told him that If he isn’t careful all his teeth will fall out!!


Find George – Day 5

Find George Day 5

Wow George is really making his way all over between Huddersfield and Halifax isn’t he!

Thank you to whoever spotted him and sent us this latest picture.

George has had to cross so many roads to get to these places, it’s a good job he was taught his Green Cross Code isn’t it.

If you do see George trying to cross a road, he might not be tall enough to press the button for the green man or even really know where to press because things here are a little different for him than back home so please can you help by pressing it for him or showing it to him so he knows for next time so he stays safe.


Find George – Day 6

Find George - Day 6

Another day and another sighting of George! Where is this??

Looks like George is having a good time gallivanting about, he is seeing so many great places that we have here between Calderdale and Kirklees.

Although he seems to be having a good time we hope he is careful next to that water, we hope he remembers to be sensible and not run near the edge because he might fall in.

George can swim, in fact he is a really good swimmer because he was taught from being young by his mum and dad but he still knows how important it is to be sensible around water because even good swimmers can still struggle in cold water.

We hope we get some more sightings of George today because we really don’t know where this can be


Find George – 2nd Sighting for Day 6!

George day 6 2nd sighting

This is amazing there has been another sighting of George today!!

Looks like he is trying to make friends!!!


Find George – Day 7

Find George Day 7

We had a few sightings of George yesterday, one which we were only sent late last night, so here is that picture.

People are telling us he was in Sowerby Bridge, which isn’t too far from us but for a gonk with little legs it is a long way!

We haven’t had any sightings of George since yesterday so if anyone does seen him please let us know!

George is such a kind Gonk and he wouldn’t hurt anyone so we hope he is ok. We are hoping that he has just fallen asleep while keeping warm with the lovely swans in Sowerby Bridge.

Hopefully someone sees him soon. We will keep you posted!


Find George – Day 8

Yay someone has finally seen George, thank goodness he is ok!!
We wonder where the little tinker has been.

A gonk looking at a bandstand in a park

Maybe he just got so cold that he hid away and fell asleep. He must be super tired with all this travelling around. Imagine if you had to spend all night out in the cold. It would be frightening and very cold this time of year. Some people have to live on the street because they have nowhere else to go. At this time of year it is hard, because they have lost touch with their families and everyone knows families really matter.

George is used to going to bed early not staying up so it must be catching up with him. Anyway wherever he has been we are just pleased he is ok. But where is he? We need to get him found for Christmas! Keep looking everyone, we will find him…


Find George – Day 9

Here he is again!! We have had a sighting of George but goodness knows where he is, he really is giving us all the run around isn’t he. Do you know where this is?

George Day 9

He looks like he is managing to keep dry though even with all this rain, so hopefully he is getting himself plenty of shelter, which might be why we aren’t getting too many sightings of him.

Imagine being out in this weather, cold, wet and probably hungry as well. It makes us realise how lucky we are to have a lovely warm house to go home to every night and a nice warm meal.

Maybe George has managed to get himself some food from one of the shelters around Calderdale and Kirklees that help so many people all year but especially at Christmas Time.

We definitely need to get George found ready for Christmas.


Find George – Day 10

Well we heard nothing from the George yesterday, he must have been staying out of the way with this horrible weather. But thankfully he has been seen today!!

George day 10

George only has little legs so he can’t have walked to all the places he has so quickly so he must be getting on buses or trains to help him. I hope he has been paying for them!

George is good at counting money because he used to help his mum and dad all the time. He was also really good at Maths at school, he did want to be a teacher so he knew to do that he had to work hard and do well at school by listening so he could then do what he wanted to do for a job when he left school.


Find George – Day 11

George has been seen!! Looks like he has found himself an Asda, but which Asda is it?

George day 11

Even though things are difficult right now for everyone, George still knows where people go for their shopping, he is maybe hoping someone will take him home!

Everything has become more expensive at the moment and it makes it harder for families to afford everything they need. Think about your home, school, and all the stuff you like to do, sometimes, it can be tricky for families to manage because of this challenge.

Some kids might not have as much food as you, or a place to live, or even the chance to do fun things. It’s like playing a game and some players have a tougher time because the rules are a bit unfair. Families are working really hard to make things better, but it’s important for everyone to help out so that all kids can have a good, happy life. There are lots of places in our area that do great things to help everyone struggling, like the Halifax Community Fridge, they will help anyone in need without question.


Find George – Day 12

Looks like George is wanting to join in the Christmas Spirit…We think we know where this is but let us know where you think this is…

Find George - Day 12

So many people are contacting us saying they have been to where George is in the photo’s but he isn’t there. Well he is very fast so someone will have to be quick to catch up with him.

Don’t under estimate him just because he is small. George was always told great things come in small packages!!

Also remember he is lost, he is trying to find his way so will be rushing round back and forth trying to get to us here in Elland, but he doesn’t really know where Elland is so he is just doing his best, because that’s all anyone can ever do.

If you try your best no-one can ever ask anymore of you!


Find George – Day 13

Ooh look where George is today!! But which Vets branch is it?

Find George - day 13

George loves animals, he even speaks a bit of Dog so maybe he thinks they might be able to help him. He also knows people who look after and help animals are very special people so he will know they won’t hurt him.

There are lots of animals out there who have amazing homes and owners that look after them really well, but not all of them are that lucky, there are plenty who need homes and love, but thankfully there are lots of charities and people in our area that look after them and help them find a loving home, like the RSPCA in Halifax.

But Christmas is a funny time because everyone loves to get a puppy or a kitten for Christmas which is a lovely present but they aren’t just for Christmas, they are for life and they get bigger and need walking and feeding everyday, not just when it’s fun! So just like whoever finds George, he isn’t just for Christmas, if you find and keep him he will need a loving warm home for the rest of his life.


Find George – Day 14

George day 13

Oooh George is really getting about.. it looks cold there today!!!

We aren’t entirely sure where he is today, we recognise the tower in the background but not sure where he is.. can you help us?

There are so many recognisable places in our area but sometimes we still don’t know where they are so we are really grateful to everyone helping us.

Remember whoever finds George gets to keep him and will also receive an EarthThings Chocolate bouquet as a thank you.


Find George – Day 15

Find George - Day 15

Well George is really causing us to think today! Where on earth is this??

He seemed to be in Halifax yesterday which hopefully means he is getting closer to us here in Elland!

We really want George to have a warm and loving home for Christmas so remember keep an eye out and if you find him and you are willing to look after him and treat him like family then you can keep him and if you then come into the shop with him we will give you a chocolate bouquet as a thank you.


Find George – Day 16

Well George must has settled himself down somewhere after being at the Shay on Saturday because we had no sightings whatsoever of him yesterday.

Find George - Day 15

Looks like he has had an early start today though, do you know where this is?

George will know it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and he will be trying his best to get back to us before then. No-one wants to be alone at Christmas, George is used to having lots of friends and family round him all the time but especially at Christmas so we hope he gets found soon.

Christmas is a really hard time of year for some people, because unlike George not everyone has a lot of friends or family that they can spend time with at Christmas, that’s why it’s important to always be kind and never take what you have for granted.


Find George – Day 17

Find George Day 17

Well look where the little tinker is today!! He must know that this is where he will find children who might be friendly enough for him to ask for help… or he might just want to play!!

He must have heard about Eureka from his friends who already live here in England, he will know that this is where he can have fun and learn lots of things.

We hope he isn’t having too much fun and keeps trying to find his way home.

Have you been to Eureka? It is a wonderful place, you can learn about so many different things but it’s fun as well.


Find George – Day 18

Find George - Day 18

It’s looking a bit windy where George is this morning, look at his beard!!

George really is taking in all Halifax has to offer isn’t he. Maybe someone needs to tell him he is a little early to catch a show at the Victoria Theatre.

The Victoria Theatre really does some fantastic events. Maybe George is hoping to see the Panto, George loves a Panto, he loves to get involved shouting “He’s Behind you” in fact he would love to get himself into the Panto so watch out if you go to one George may have got himself into the show!!

We really hope George is found soon, it’s getting very close to Christmas, only 5 more sleeps! Please keep your eyes open looking for George, he could be anywhere.


Find George – Day 19

Find George day 19

Ooh look where George has been seen today, The National Fostering Agency, but where?

The National Fostering Agency do an amazing job of placing children with wonderful families, helping children who have ended up in some not very nice situations through no fault of their own.

The families that work with the National Fostering Agency are very special, they take children into their homes and provide them with love and support to help them through whatever is happening in their lives. Not everyone can do this, it takes a special kind of person and family to do this role.

Children find themselves in foster care for many different reasons but none of them are any different to any other child, they need help, love, support and friendship just like every other person and child in the world. The only difference is they may also be scared and upset because of what they have been through therefore they may need a little extra support and a little extra kindness from everyone because imagine if it was you and how you would feel being placed with a new but strange family that you have to learn to live with and fit into new surroundings.

So if you know of anyone in foster care, be patient with them but most importantly be kind and just be there for them.

Maybe George is trying to show someone that kindness and friendship. He is very kind and a very good friend.


Find George – Day 20

Find George day 20

Look where George is… He has been spotted this morning!

We can’t believe it, after trying to find him for all this time the little legend has made it to Elland!! He must have got there early though because our friends at Roots are always there when you need them but he must have been too early.

George must have heard where to go to get fresh fruit and vegetables because he loves it all, that’s why he is so healthy and can see in the dark.. he always eats his carrots!

We can’t believe he is so close to us, we will be out today looking for him because he is nearly home!

If you are in Elland today please keep a look out, we are going to be straight out looking for him and we are hopeful that he will be found today.. how can he not be when he is so close!


Find George Day 20 – Second Sighting!!!

George 2nd sighting day 20

George is really getting spotted today.. Surely someone is going to get him today!

Looks like he is wanting to take in a film.. he must have heard people talking about how great the Rex Cinema is.. maybe whoever finds him can take him to see a film with them at the Rex.


Find George day 20 – Third sighting!!

George really is making his way round Elland but we keep missing him.

Find George day 20 - 3rd sighting

Look where he was just spotted, with our friends at Overgate Hospice. He is getting in on their Christmas Photo!

Please keep your eyes peeled and remember if you find him not only do you get to keep him and give him a lovely home but you also get one of our Chocolate Bouquets as a thank you for finding George


Find George – Day 20 – Fourth Sighting!!

Find George day 20 - 4th sighting

Oh my goodness, today is crazy with sightings of George… But where on earth is he?

He has been seen around Elland all morning so surely he is still around, but we cannot think where this is at all. It looks really familiar though. Can you help us?

If you know where this is please go there and see if you can find him


George has been found!!

George is Found

Oh my goodness George has been found!!! 👏👏 we could not be happier that he has been found by such a lovely little boy at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary Academy in Elland.

St Patrick’s is a fabulous school, parents, teachers and children are all amazing, George must have known he would be well looked after by someone at the school.

Well done to this lucky young man, he came down to the shop with his little brother and dad.

He showed us that George is now safe and we are sure that he will be well looked after by his new family.

Don’t eat all the chocolate at once!!

Thank you everyone who took part and looked for George, at least he will have a lovely home in time for Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

George is found
George has been found