Fun Fact about the Hydrangea

Hydrangea flower arrangement lifelike

We’re all about quality here at EarthThings and this is reflected in the work that we produce.

We believe buying flowers is a lifestyle choice and so it is important our flowers really bring a smile (or a tear if it’s a wedding bouquet – we love to overwhelm our beautiful brides) to your face.

We are including more ‘luxury’ flowers in our bouquets at the moment. This helps us to differentiate what we do and provide you with that lifestyle choice.

Are you going to send a bunch of flowers from Asda or a Bouquet from EarthThings?

That’s the key to what we produce.

The Hydrangea is one such luxury flower. It costs more at the wholesaler and you will never see it in a supermarket. It is one sure way the recipient of the flowers can tell where the flowers where purchased (plus ours are obviously prepared by fully trained florists and presented 100% more beautifully).

So did you know that the Hydrangea is one of only very few flowers that can drink through its petals? That’s why florists turn them upside down in their buckets for a few hours daily. It helps to invigorate the flower and keep it fresher for longer.

You can request via calling us if you want beautiful hydrangeas in your bouquets. We usually build a ‘front facing in water arrangement with a hydrangea front and centre – taking all the glory.

You can also request, for your extra, extra special loved one, Orchids. These stunningly beautiful and exotic flowers really do wow.

Call us on 01422 377504 to book your next beautiful Hydrangea Bouquet. Or go online to this beautiful Hydrangea Bouquet for £40.