Overgate Hospice – Our chosen charity

Overgate Business Club

We are so pleased to announce that we were formally accepted into the Overgate Business club as a charity partner yesterday.

Lisa and April are as proud as punch to raise some much needed funds for Overgate. The absolutely vital work they do for the communities of Calderdale cannot be lauded enough and it was an easy choice for us to support them.

Lisa also presented a further £100 to Suzanne Benn of Overgate, to pay for Christmas lunch for four residents and their families on Christmas day. This should go some way to help the Christmas cheer at Overgate over the Festive period.

And we pass our best wishes to all who use or support Overgate now and in the future.

One final little snippet.

Overgate 200 Business Club

Early next month we are introducing two things.

  1. An Overgate ‘Think Pink’ Bouquet. We will be promoting this throughout January and up to Valentines day. We hope that our lovely customers will purchase one of these and we will donate 20% of every sale to Overgate.
  2. We will also be installing a payment machine in the shop at Elland. As you all know delivery of flowers when the value is over £35 and they’re purchased online is FREE with us! We’re the only florists doing this in Calderdale or Kirklees. We are extending this offer to flowers bought in the shop – but with a twist. Our cheapest delivery rate used to be £2.95. So we’re setting the payment machine to accept £2.95 and for everyone who wants to donate their delivery charge to Overgate, every time they swipe the money goes straight into Overgate’s bank.

Why not visit Overgate’s website and donate today. It is, after all, Christmas!