Tommy Lee Royce Spotted in Elland

Tommy Lee Royce

Tommy came into the shop in Elland today. He bought a beautiful bouquet and ordered a funeral tribute with just three letters.

Obviously we can’t tell you what three letters he bought, you’ll have to watch Sunday’s episode of Happy Valley to find out.

What we can say is it was one of these.






The popular rumour is that Neil is Tommy’s dad. He wouldn’t tell us but he did say he is closer to Neil than others think. We will all find out Sunday.

Hopefully the Funeral tribute is for his Mum who sadly passed away some time ago and not Sgt Cawood.

We alerted Yorkshire Police he came into the shop and they have asked us to reinforce Tommy is not to be approached by the public. He is armed (with a beautiful Bouquet) and dangerous.

Report any sightings to the Police.