Top Ten Wedding Flowers

Roses Classic Wedding Flowers

There are so many beautiful flowers to choose from and it is hard to narrow them down to a top ten. People choose different flowers for their wedding for many different reasons. Reasons include the time of year, the style / look you are going for, the price and sometimes the meaning of a particular flower, whether that be a personal meaning to you and your family or the general ‘google’ meaning.

To help you we have put together our top ten wedding flowers:

1. Roses

Top ten wedding flowers - the rose

A classic and timeless choice that symbolises love and beauty. There are 150 different species of rose so you can see why they are such a popular choice.

You can get them all year round and in a vast array of colours so you will always find a rose to match your colour scheme and style.

2. Peonies

Top ten wedding flowers - the peony

A beautiful choice for any wedding and a great choice for those getting married in the summer time. Traditionally coming in shades of pink, white or red, these extravagant flowers are sure to dazzle. You can also find them in shades of coral, mahogany and yellow although this is less common. Unfortunately these are one of the most expensive flowers you could choose so they are best suited to those with a larger budget.

3. Ranunculus

Top ten wedding flowers - the ranuculous

Ideal for spring, summer and fall weddings, they are a cheaper alternative to peonies so much more budget friendly. It also comes in a variety of colours and sizes so much like the rose very easy to match your colour scheme. It is often used as accents of a bouquet rather than the star of the show, they are beautiful yet simple flowers.

4. Tulips

Top ten wedding flowers - the Tulip

Lovely for any spring wedding. People tend to associate Tulips with the Netherlands but they are actually native to Persia. Tulips are a popular wedding flower and symbolise happy years and consuming love, making it an appropriate choice for a wedding. These also come in a variety of colours but unfortunately they are not available all year round.

5. Hydrangeas

Top ten wedding flowers - the Hydrangea

Tend to be known for being in shades of blue or white, but can also be found in shades of pale pink and burgundy. These beautiful flowers are elegant and feminine. They make a popular choice for wedding arrangements as they are larger blooms and make for a lovely full arrangement without the need for much filler. However these aren’t a cheap choice but due to their larger size not as many are needed to create a beautiful bouquet or arrangement making Hydrangeas one of the most popular wedding flowers.

6. Gardenia

White Gardenia top ten Wedding Flowers

Are beautiful and represent elegance, grace and beauty and are native to Southern Asia and Japan. They don’t have a stem so are a popular choice for a table centerpiece rather than bridal bouquets, they look amazing just floating in a glass bowl with water in the middle of the table. It is also a popular choice for wrist and hair corsages with its ivory petals and deep green leaves make for a striking appearance and is
perfect for bohemian style weddings. They also look stunning as a flower crown.

7. Orchids

Pink & Purple Orchid  top ten Wedding Flowers

Are a timeless classic and are extremely popular wedding flowers coming in a variety of pastel shades they are a definite focal point in any bouquet or arrangement. Unfortunately these are one of the most expensive flowers but like anything you get what you pay for they are long lasting and absolutely stunning.

8. Calla Lily

Calla Lily top ten Wedding Flowers

Another timeless classic which is sure to wow in any bridal bouquet. Originating in Africa it looks amazing as a stand alone flower or as a compliment others such as roses. It will add a modern twist to any arrangement. Coming in range of colours and different sizes. You cannot go wrong with this choice.

9. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea top ten Wedding Flowers

Is a very cute and dainty flower symbolising lasting pleasure. It looks fabulous on its own or with another accent flower such as the calla lily. They are a popular choice for brides and bridesmaids coming in some beautiful colours from subtle white to the more intense pinks and purples.

10. Anemone

Anemone top ten Wedding Flowers

Last but certainly not least, usually in black and white, these flowers are striking and a perfect choice for the modern bride. If you want to make a dramatic statement, then this one is for you, with a bold black centre against the white petals this makes for a great non-traditional choice. They are also available in a range of other colours as well if the black and white isn’t for you.


The list above is not in popular order, it just details the top ten wedding flowers from orders that we get. We hope you have found some inspiration from it. Please feel free to send us a message via the button below.