How to Choose Wedding Flowers

Beautiful large cream wedding table arrangement

How do I choose my wedding flowers?

Choosing your wedding flowers can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure what you want or if you’re just not a flower person.

Bridal Peony Bouquet

Well don’t worry that is why we are here.

Some things to consider when choosing your wedding flowers are:

1 – The time of year you are getting married. Why is this important? Not all flowers are available all year. If you want Roses or Lilies you’re fine because we can get them all year round but if you wanted something else like Peonies, they are not always available. They have a short season and are available April to June. See here for what popular flowers are available and when.

2 – Your budget – this is definitely something you need to think about, between 8 & 10% of your overall budget is usually spent on flowers but it is hugely going to depend on the flowers you choose. Like anything, flowers vary in price so if you choose to have a bouquet filled with Orchids, Calla Lily and Lily of the Valley you will pay a lot more for it than if you choose a bouquet of Tulips for example. So your budget will definitely impact your flower choice.

3 – Your colour scheme – if you know what colour scheme you want this can sometimes help even if you don’t know what flowers you want, why? Because not all flowers are available in every colour,
so while roses come in a huge variety of colours not all flowers do. If you know the colour you want it may narrow down your choice of flowers. We can dye and spray some flowers to match your colour scheme if the flowers do not come in a colour you want.

4 – The colour of your dress – why does this matter? It matters because if you have a dress that is not white, you might not want to have pure brilliant white flowers as they might not look quite right against your dress.

5 – Your venue – will you want flowers for your venue? Knowing where the flowers will go will help with the type of arrangement you need for the shape and size.

Choosing your style

To help you decide what shape and style bouquet you like and to see how flowers look in different bouquets and arrangements look in magazines for inspiration. Save pictures that you like and when you come to the shop bring them with you and we can help go through your options.

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