Wedding flowers you can order

Single flower wedding table arrangement

Ordering your flowers

Selecting what wedding flowers you can order largely depends on the time of year. We have had requests for tulips in late summer when they are a Spring flower.

Of course if you really want a particular flower type we can source it but the cost goes up significantly if those flowers are out of season.

Below is a short list of the most popular flowers ordered for weddings. We have compiled it showing the flower name, when they can be ordered and an indicative cost for that flower type.

The cost of flowers

The cost of any wedding order is not simply based on the cost of a single flower type, other flowers can also be used to compliment your main choice and this can increase or decrease the overall cost. It depends on how many of each flower it takes to create your dream arrangement.

FlowerTime of YearIndicative cost*
TulipsLate Nov to End of May£
RosesAll Year£ to £££ dependent on cultivar
ChrysanthemumAll Year£
LiliesAll Year£ to £££ dependent on cultivar
OrchidsAll Year££££
LisianthusAll Year£ to £££ dependent on cultivar
GerberaAll Year£
Lily of the ValleyMarch to June£££
GypsophilaAll Year£
Cala LilyAll Year£££
PeonyLate April to mid-June£££
VeronicaAll Year£
AlstromeriaAll Year£
DelphiniumJune to August£ to ££
AntirrhinumsJune to October£ to ££
FreesiaAll Year£
SunflowersJuly to October£ to ££
CarnationAll Year£
*The cost of flowers are impacted by the season they naturally grow or if they are forced, the weather that year, the demand for that flower and naturally occurring phenomenon.

We can advise on others if you contact us and one of our team will help you.