Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Calendar

We love our customers. And that’s why we make sure to remind you when your anniversary is coming up.

Each month we go through our list of customers who ordered their flowers from us, and we help them to choose the most perfect bouquet to remind you of the commitments you made to each other and the fantastic day you had together.

Lisa and the team are pleased to recognise this day with you. So if you call ahead and quote ‘Anniversary10’ we will give you a ten percent discount on the flowers you order.

And remember, our enduring offer to ensure you never pay for the delivery of flowers from us. That’s why all orders over £35 remain free if you have a Calderdale or Kirklees postcode.

Call Lisa and the team on 01422 377504 or call in to the shop at 69 Huddersfield road, Elland, Halifax HX5 9AA

Or shop here to pick a beautiful bouquet today.